Perpetual Repair Loop


Collage and aerosol paint on antique chalkboard. 15.5 x 16. 2023

Dimensions including original cord for hanging are 15.5 x 23 inches.


Perpetual Repair Loop reflects my recent readings on brain plasticity, and that lifelong learning, especially languages, learning to play a musical instrument, and complex subjects help keep the brain young(er) by forcing it to create new neuron connections. Granted that is an oversimplification of what goes on, and what causes the brain to create new pathways, but this is how I've applied the information in this work.

***Unlike most of my collage work on panel (etc), this piece is not varnished due to the delicate nature of the vintage paper dating to the 1930s.


PLEASE NOTE: All prices are in Canadian dollars. Due to differences in monitors, colours may vary slightly from actual artwork.